Medismart - the smarter way to manage medical waste.

The future of medical waste management has arrived!


Daniels' reusable Medismart system sets new standards in infection control, environmental effectiveness and logistical cost savings and, of course, is fully compliant.


Evolved from the industry-leading Sharpsmart system, the user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing Medismart system delivers a revolutionary advancement in the field of medical waste collection.

Reduces risk of pathogen transfer

Using a foot-pedal opening mechanism and a bagless system means hand contact with the container is not needed. This results in a dramatic reduction in the pathogen transfer risk that currently exists with standard medical waste containers. Once full, each container is removed from your premises, emptied, and then subjected to a rigorous 6-stage wash and sanitization process.

Improves waste segregation

The reusable Medismart system can help you make a significant waste reduction impact. Clear labeling and the easily identifiable design of the Medismart container encourages better waste segregation because the containers are far less likely to be used for general waste, resulting in fewer tub exchanges.

Reusable system that’s eco-friendly

As the Medismart system is reusable, there are no plastic liners or cardboard boxes required, eliminating disposable plastic waste. The eco-friendly Washsmart wash process uses a fully automated wash system that even uses recycled water to ensure minimum environmental impact.

To request a brochure about the Medismart system, or to arrange for a representative to contact you, click here.

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